Useful SharePoint tools

Each section indicates Tools as standalone applications that are not installed into the SharePoint farm, Solutions as WSP files that must be installed into the SharePoint farm, or Libraries for developers to include in their projects.

Installation – Tools

Auto SP Installer –
Automates the installation/configuration process, based on an XML configuration file

Auto SP Installer GUI –
Windows application to generate the XML configuration file used by Auto SP Installer

Administration / Management – Tools

ULS Viewer – (no longer provided by Microsoft; a copy can be found below)
Eases viewing of the SharePoint ULS logs

ULS Viewer (new) –
Same as above, now with multiple monitor support.

SharePoint ULS Log Viewer –

SharePoint LogViewer –

Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool –

SharePoint Search Service Tool –
Fast Search for SharePoint Query Tool –
Query and manage the SharePoint Search engines

SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard –
Provides an interface for SharePoint’s export and import capabilities, and extends support for much more granular control of the content being exported and imported.

SPMigrateUsers –
Helps migrate SPUser accounts from one claim format to another, such as when a site switches from the built-in STS to an external STS like ADFS

SP Kerberos Buddy –
Looks for Kerberos configuration errors in within SharePoint and related BI tiers (SSAS, SSRS)

SP Host Named Site Collection Creator –
Creates HNSC’s from a Windows GUI instead of PowerShell

Administration / Management – Solutions

Office 365 Anonymous Access –
Using a sandbox solution, provides management of list permissions for anonymous users

[2013] Search Navigation Synchronization Timer Job –
Timer job to synchronize search settings from a search center

SharePoint Enhanced Solutions –
Enhances Central Admin’s solution management capabilities by exposing interfaces to upload or download farm solution files

SharePoint Farm Report –
Provides a quick dump of some of the Farm configuration

SharePoint Content Database Size Monitor –
Enhances Central Admin with graphs that show content database size over time

AuditLog for SharePoint –
Provides administrative pages to manage site collection audit settings, and view the resulting audit logs

SDS SharePoint Solutions –
 – Kerberos Health Analyzers –

SP Automatic Signin –
When using multiple authentication providers, supplements the default login page (“Select your identity provider”) with automatic identity provider selection based on IP address ranges

Claims Viewer Web Part
Displays a users’ claim token. Awesomely useful for debugging.

Web PArt to display a users’ claim, and HttpModule to dump claims to ULS (if unable to log in)

SPFLogger –
Install this onto a non-SharePoint web application (IIS site) on the SP servers, to provide a log viewer for NT Event Logs, ULS, and timer logs

Enhancements – Solutions

[2010/2013] LDAP/AD Claims Provider
Provides people picker functionality, and (in some cases) UserInfo population, when SP is configured for claims auth with ADFS. Searching is done by querying Active Directory via LDAP.

[2010] SharePoint 2010 Batch Edit –

[2010/2013] Free Web Parts for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 –

Google Maps Web Part for SP Lists –

3D TagCloud web part –

Fusion Charts for SharePoint –
Web Parts that provide various graphing capabilities using data from SharePoint lists or specially formatted XML files

SharePoint Tool Basket –
Custom fields – ratings, auto complete, etc
Admin pages – feature explorer, content type, list column manager, etc

Useful SharePoint Designer Custom Workflow Activities –
Send email with attachments, start workflows, adjust permissions, InfoPath file manipulation (get/set via XPath)

iLove SharePoint –
Primarily contains custom workflow actions – Create sites, create groups, update XML, execute SQL, execute PowerShell
Custom fields – Lookup Field with Picker
Due to the capabilities of PowerShell and SQL, this may be considered dangerous to install.

SharePoint Stuff –

Taxomatic –
Export and Import Taxonomy Termsets

Show or Hide SP Ribbon based on SP Groups –
Title pretty much explains this one

[2010] SharePoint Messenger –

[2010] SharePoint Column and View Permissions –
Apply special permissions to specific columns or views within a list
NOTE: As a developer, I have a difficult time believing that ALL access points are covered. This may not provide complete security.

SharePoint Filtered Lookup –
Custom field that provides a lookup column with values filtered by CAML query or List View

SP List Kit for SharePoint –
Lots of misc enhancements for SharePoint lists. Copy items, advanced search, etc.

Mund Publishing Infrastructure for SPF –
Adds publishing capabilities analagous to SPS, to SPF

Property Bag Settings –
Adds app pages to allow property bags to be viewed and modified

[2007] SmartTools for SharePoint –
Custom Field, Site Actions, Item Actions, and more.

Development – Tools

SharePoint Manager –
Explores the SharePoint farm, including both administration (central admin, service applications, etc) and content (web apps, site collections, lists, list items).
Very powerful. Very dangerous.

SharePoint Event Receiver Manager –
Enables admins to manually view, add, or remove event receivers. Powerful and somewhat dangerous.

SharePoint App Model Samples

SharePoint Search Coder –
Generates code to query the SharePoint Search service (*NOT* FAST Search)

SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool –
Uses the REST API to perform/debug search queries

Stramit SharePoint 2007 CAML Viewer –
Exposes and executes CAML queries used by list views

CamlJS –
Build CAML queries right in Chrome, then preview the results!

SharePoint CAML Query Helper –
Assists in the building and validation of CAML queries

CAML Designer –
Assist in the building of CAML queries

SharePoint OAuth Fiddler Extension
Kirk Evans page:
Andrew Connell page:
Adds OAuth token inspection to Fiddler

SharePoint Installer –
Provides an MSI installer for SharePoint projects/WSP’s. Validate the environment and deploy the solution (instead of using STSADM or PowerShell)

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework –
Improve the quality of code by analyzing it for best practices and such

Office / SharePoint 2013 Continuous Integration with TFS 2012 –
PowerShell scripts and custom TFS build workflow for building and deploying Office / SharePoint 2013 projects with TFS 2012
also, see

SPRemoteAPIExplorer –
Visual Studio extension for quickly adding code snippets based on SharePoint APIs

SPFastDeploy –
Visual Studio extention for quickly deploying files

Development – Templates and Libraries

[2010/2013] Responsive SharePoint –
Masterpages and site assets for building SharePoint sites with Responsive UI

[2013] SP Blueprint –
Masterpages and a few other goodies (modernizr, some web parts) for making SP responsive

[2013] Starter Master Pages for SP2013 –

[2013] Search Result Templates –
Various templates for displaying search results

[2010] SharePoint 2010 Fluent Ribbon API –
[2013] SharePoint 2013 Easy Ribbon API –
Provides API wrappers around ribbon manipulation, using fluent-like syntax

[2013] SharePoint User Lync Presence using jQuery –
Adds Lync presence capabilities to elemnts with account names

[2013] SharePoint 2013 User Tokenizing AutoComplete –
Turn any text input into a people picker

[2013] SharePoint 2013 Search Box User/Group AutoComplete –
Supplement the search box with user/group autocompletion and Lync presence

[2010] SharePoint 2010 HTML5 MasterPage –
Modification of v4.master using HTML5 features

Camlex.NET –
Provides CAML providers for LINQ… basically LINQ2CAML

[2007+] SPServices –
This provides a jQuery library for accessing SharePoint via the web service APIs.
While the library should work with 2010/above, the SP2010 client object model may negate the need.

Intellisense for SPServices –
This provides Visual Studio Intellisense for the SPServices component above.

Other (Suites, etc)

SharePoint Governance and Manageability –
Site recycle bins, identity management tools, links to whitepapers, etc.

SMTP4Dev –
Hosts a dummy SMTP server in the system tray

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