Adding Flash Objects / Iframes to SharePoint Rich Text

I was totally breaking my head in injecting a flash object in a rich text in SharePoint. When you try to add some tag in rich text in sharepoint column and save it .. Sharepoint Actually gets rid of it and saves it. And that due to the security concerns(Microsoft Says) to avoid Script Injection.

Interestingly i found ERTE project in CodePlex which actually Make its to happen … This simple-to-install JavaScript adds a workaround for inserting embeddable content (flash, iframes, etc.) into SharePoint’s Rich Text Field. Also you get an additional button in the toolbar for easy inserting of this content.

Link : and the download is also there.

Here it is as simple as it to is to Get it Easy 🙂

  1. Download the Latest release.
  2. Extract/Unzip the file.
  3. Upload the two files (erte.js and erte.gif) to the root masterpage library (http://yourSharePointSite/_catalogs/masterpage)
  4. Edit the masterpage in the (sub)site(required site) and add just below the and above tag the following 
  5. If you are uploading to some other library , Make sure of the library you refer in the master page.
  6. Once you are done , When you look at the RT in the New/Edit page it ll look like 
  7. And you are all Set.
Note :
If your object tag contains some class reference with a javascript
something like this.

object id="yourobjectid" class="someclassname"

Then this ERTE might not work. Make sure of the code and switch forth back in the html code and Check for it work.

Good Luck 🙂

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